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Veterans Over The Edge: On a female Gauntlet day, the players protected and sent into the Gauntlet are females. Lavin sounds the horn, players from each team have to make their way onto the planks and down the ladder, retrieve their team flag, then make their way back up the ladder and touch a truss at the start of the plank, which will stop a team time.

A pair of clothes lines are hanging on a beach with designated colored buckets and white clothing. The wheel contains six sections, one for each Gauntlet game and one for 'spin again'.

Lavin does not blow horn, because the Veterans had already been disqualified. For one player to move forward he has to drag the other backwards. If a tie occurs with one gender per team winning the final round, a tiebreaker round will be held to determine which team wins the challenge and earns immunity from the Gauntlet.

The first team to push their car through the course and to the finish line wins. They have to pull their opponent through the sand until they reach a rope which will help them reach the finish line.

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The two competitors each have to solve a slide puzzle at the same time. Once each team has perfectly leveled their platform, they will have 10 seconds to keep their platform level, with the first team to accomplish this twice not only winning the challenge, but also with the men from the winning team automatically competing in the final challenge.

A foot cable ladder, with a flag at the bottom, is attached to the end of each plank.

Each team will disassemble a foot tall, square foot pyramid, which is a replica of El Castillo, Chichen Itzaand transport the pieces to another location and reassemble the pieces again on their designated loading zone. Frank Army Strong final challenge[ edit ] Each team starts out on a yacht half a mile off the Mexican Riviera, with once Marathi matchmaking kundli handed to them by T.

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The process continues until the last player of each gender advances the last ball to the end of the pit. The team that pushes their opponent out of the circle twice wins. Once a team has solved their puzzle, they can obtain another key, and then race to the next checkpoint, which is based on the "Screw You" challenge.

A team time is stopped once each player has exited the ice tub. Each checkpoint contains a key Ct tamburello dating diem brown a team will need in order to obtain instructions for further checkpoints, and after the first checkpoint, teammates must be connected together by chains for the remainder of the race unless they are instructed otherwise.

The process continues until the first team to fill up their water bucket to a fill line wins.

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After digging through the sand, the Veterans raise their flag ahead of the Rookies, however T. First one to do this wins. Players from each team have to advance from one end of a narrow plank to the other that is suspended 20 feet Ct tamburello dating diem brown water, while five players from the opposing team and same gender that are sitting on a nearby platform will try to knock them off the bridge by using swinging medicine balls, two balls per player.

One of them is blue, the other red. This is very similar to Reverse Tug of War used in the Gauntlet 2. One player from each team is designated as the "eyes" of the team and stands atop the deck, and will try to guide their blindfolded teammates through the maze, over and under ropes, wooden logs and tires in the sand.

Lavin explains to each team that all team members must cross the finish line to win the Army Strong Final Challenge.