How to Connect An iPhone to Play in a Car Stereo | It Still Works How to Connect An iPhone to Play in a Car Stereo | It Still Works

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If your model of stereo does not have an auxiliary input, you can purchase and install a different stereo or search for an adapter that might fit it. Since that time, several options have become available that enable you to play your iPhone's digital music through your car speakers.

The BMW X4 automatically continues audio streaming after a call ends. The good news is, you are not alone.

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The music should come through your car stereo speakers. Many stereos manufactured during the past few years provide an auxiliary input jack on the dashboard, in the center console or directly on the back of the stereo.

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Re-enabling it meant digging through the settings, which was a major pain in the butt. Bluetooth Streaming You can now reliably stream audio via Bluetooth. If your car is not already equipped, you may be able to have it installed. While none of my iPhones ever worked flawlessly in any BMW car, I never had any issues with other Bluetooth-connected devices.

Three of the most common are through a dedicated iPhone connection, an auxiliary input jack and over an FM frequency.

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Fortunately, the German carmaker started offering it with its lineup. Her suggestion was to delete all paired devices and to try again.

It turned out, I was not the only one with this issue, and someone on one of the BMW forums pointed out that Bluetooth audio is unavailable while the iPhone is connected to the car via USB. BMW makes great cars, but they often fail miserably in the technology and infotainment area.


Of course, unplugging the phone from USB would not turn Bluetooth audio back on. Auxiliary Input 1 Locate the auxiliary input jack for your car's stereo system.

Many cars today have the option of being equipped with an iPod or digital music player connection.

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This is usually a USB connector and is located on or near the dashboard or center console. Please activate USB audio if necessary.

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