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Recently a Danish publisher released a massive page English-Danish dictionary based primarily on a corpus of 19th century texts. I returned to work the next day Jan 30th again I had the same problems with the scanner and notes, plus my printer ran out of ink and there was no ink replacement for my printer.

Many other useful activities too. Typing text The most time-consuming way of getting machine-readable text is to type it into a word-processor. Arrange the sizes of the windows so that you just have a small word-processor window visible and a larger browser window open.

Sign up for this and other singles events at: The Wordbanks Online corpus comprises about million words and is well suited for linguistic research.

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Besides ordinary concordancing tasks such as word frequency lists, application of stoplists etc, PhraseContext also calculates statistical significance T-score, Z-score, MI and standard deviation of collocations and it retrieves clusters of words up to a length of 6 words.

If for some reason you do not want to use this method you can save the Web pages in their entirety. I highly do not recommend it. When I asked her why these hours? Trial or demo versions of most of these concordancers are available on the Web.

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Barbara about it but nothing was done. For one North Carolina couple, it was more than just a small sum. Access is by subscription. Creating your own corpus Click in the browser window. Like the others, this piece of software allows printing of the concordances.

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Making a full concordance of a very large corpus requires a lot of computer power and patience. Refreshments such as snacks and cake will be provided! The split screen, with a wordlist on the left and the concordance on the right, is a nice feature.

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Alternatively, use the Windows Clipboard: