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There's nothing like a fresh bagel coming right out of the oven. Feb 8, It might take a while but I will get to them.

Please let me know if you are interested: Dec 31, Pepperoni Feb 3, Pepperoni Jul 5, Mar 9, Please don't hesitate to kik me at KayKayLove64 with any ideas!

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Kurt is shy and stutters. Blaine is famous and Kurt copies photos from online and draws them and posts them and Blaine meets him and Kurt makes him a suit and they fall in love.

I finishing it up before I upload everything at once: Jul 24, Pepperoni Nov 26, Pop Ups and Events Collaborate with us to throw an awesome event Indoor or outdoor, winter or summer, one morning or a whole week - we'll work with you to provide great, tasty food and awesome customer service for your business, festival or special event.

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Final Chapter I Needed You KlaineHugs Jun 18, Mar 25, Mischel May 4, I've been working very hard on it and I hope you enjoy! May 31, Jul 21, Yes it was because of the voting sign at the top - slight coding error.

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Go take a read if you're interested! Pepperoni Feb 16, Curious authors with fics in the works would love to know Blaine has a sexual relationship with Sebastian, but ends up with Kurt. Rewrite from my other story under the same title.

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