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He has also taken up a job as a pool cleaner, to raise money to buy an expensive car part.

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Alvin leaves the gymnasium, and as Paris follows him out, she is stopped by Dru, but Paris blows him off for Alvin and they kiss.

Paris began to fall in love with him after spending two weeks together, even though Alvin was unaware of it. In the meantime Paris starts to realize just how shallow and vapid most of her popular friends really are and she starts Christina milian dating history question being a part of this group.

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Alvin's nerd friends begin dating popular girls too. Alvin fixes a car he and his nerd friends had been working on the duration of the film.

Paris hints that she would like to kiss Alvin, showing that she does in fact have feelings for him, but he misinterprets her feelings and instead stages a break-up planned for the next day at school.

Alvin continues to grow in popularity, alienating his former nerd friends and dating Paris's friends.


October Alvin Johnson Nick Cannon is an extremely intelligent nerd under consideration for a General Motors scholarship, as he is skilled in designing engines. When Paris crashes her mother's expensive SUV during an argument with Dru, Alvin agrees to repair the car in return for two weeks of dating.

Alvin finally redeems himself in front of everyone.

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He and Paris grow closer as she shares with him her secret love of music. After a few missteps, Alvin begins to integrate himself with the popular crowd.

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At the basketball game, Alvin stands up for his nerd friends against the basketball players. There is a school basketball game, and the nerds are threatened by the athletes to move to sit somewhere else. As they draw close to the end of the two weeks, Alvin takes Paris out on their last day being "together".

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In an attempt to get him back, Paris exposes her deal with Alvin to the whole school, returning him to mediocrity and being a geek. This article needs an improved plot summary. Alvin's father Clarence Steve Harvey agrees to pay for the part, explaining to Alvin that he'd supported his sudden transformation because he wanted him to have some of the same experiences he did in high school.

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Alvin uses money he had saved all summer for his project, jeopardizing his scholarship.