"Chips Funga" Leaks Photo Of Sponsor Eating Her Guava

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A typical Nairobi woman will most likely find herself in bed with the stranger who volunteered to drive her home after she blacked out on top of her vomit on the couch at the bar lounge.

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With younger women, before making the first move you have to be ready to spend always. With a computer and Internet at her disposal, all she needs is sign up to a local hook up site to get a man for a night. With such statistics, women are more likely to get carried away after one, two, three bottles.

Dating was so much easier in the past. You break up with guys over the most superficial things. She knows what to do, when to do it and where.

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Forget pregnancies, more women are now rushing to hospitals for emergency ARVs faking a date rape; just in case. Instead of working through things with the person they are dating, they opt to venture out and find a new fish. Spirit of adventure If she does it tonight, she has done this before!

This illusion of choice is also why people have become so picky and date superficially. Gone are the days when women were scared of walking into late night chemists to buy condoms.

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In this digital age, meeting someone has become way too easy. In fact, if you are good in bed, you may end up getting a spare key to her house and the other car that has been piling up dust for the past one year.

What starts as a simple conversation after he has been invited to join the girls at their table ends up in a pillow talk at the end of the night. With more women hitting menopause without a man or children, they will go to any lengths to find somebody to keep them warm, even for one night.

They are quick to discard people for flimsy reasons because they know that they could be out with someone new and possibly someone better tomorrow. Alcohol gone out of control Nairobi was named the second largest alcohol-consuming city in Africa after Johannesburg.

See, Chips funga dating site - like buying sukumawiki from Mama Mboga! Instead of focusing on all the choices you have, focus on spending quality time with the first person that catches your interest.

Stop dating around and put in effort to see where things go with that one person. Stamping Dating rules when he doesnt call Some men just love a woman who is in control.

Men on the other hand, seem to enjoy one-night pleasures initiated by women. You think someone better is just around the corner so you keep looking without really getting to know the people you are meeting.

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These young ladies never think about cost sharing. While having lots of eligible partners just a click away sounds like a wonderful thing, I think it has ruined dating and is killing relationships. With the rise of online dating and proliferation of social media, millennials and post-millennials have a lot of options.

Which means that women will hang out at several joints looking for men to take home. Only middle class women have the luxury of using sex for pleasure. Too much TV For a generation of young, university-educated women brought up on a diet of Rihanna and having Sex and the City actresses as role models, sexual freedom is clearly something to be proud of and not ashamed of.