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People come Wayanad just to enjoy the monsoon as some of the areas of wayanad get one of the hinghest rain in India.

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Monsoon in Wayanad makes it good place to visit in august in India. A really dexterous criminal will invite the victim to choose notes to clean and, by using a well practiced sleight of hand similar to a card trick, trick the victim into selecting the genuine ones.

Plus, the light and sound show at the temples add on to the pleasant experience. If the visual treat is insufficient to persuade you for a trip, Panchgani is also a Strawberry godown in every sense of the word.

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Leh-Spiti are not accessible during winters for most of the people as the Manali-Leh route is closed and the other route from Shimla via Kinnaur also sees lots of disturbances due to landslides and heavy snowfall. It also offers a lot of adventure activities such as Skiing along with Yak Safari and exciting wildlife trails.

It is the first place in the country to receive the monsoon showers.

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After the advance payment has been received, the chemicals are not delivered to the victim, who is left with suitcases full of worthless black paper instead of the foreign currency notes.

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This is later removed with a "secret and expensive" solution consisting of only water and crushed vitamin C tablets. The Stalkers have desire to control the victims life.

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One of the major attractions of this place is the sprawling vast land of coffee plantations which leaves a distinct fragrance of coffee in the air. The weather is cool and pleasant due to the monsoon showers which makes Pahalgam a good place to visit in August in India.

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Once the boy of VC was playing near the well by throwing stones in it, suddenly spirits possessed the boy, which lead to his untimely death.

There are beautiful monasteries that command a visit alongside some unique shrines that speak of the customs and faith of this region. Nature enthusiasts will love taking nature walks in this picturesque, green environment.