WR Case XX knife price guide WR Case XX knife price guide

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It would remove one dot per year for 10 years, such that a blade produced in had 10 dots, one produced in had nine dots, and so on.

The tang is at the end of the blade where the pin anchors it to the casing.

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The stamps will be on the largest blade of a multiblade folding knife. Look on the tang.

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Case knives from to have U. But the Case media relations department identified a second-party resource—the website AllAboutPocketKnives.

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There may be one stamp on either side. You can learn to date Case knives by marks once you know where to look. See References for a short list of these abbreviations.

Sometimes the price, 25c or 50c, was under the line.

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Absence of those elements dates your blade as pre Case maintains an excellent website with comprehensive resources. This is the master blade; it is usually where marks are made. Look for distinctive elements on the tang stamp: Knives were stamped W.

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Read the mark for style and content. When in doubt as to the manufacturer, simply look for the word "Case" in the tang stamp.

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Open the largest blade on the knife. The number at the end of the pattern stamp on a fixed blade knife usually signifies the blade length--thus, the numbers signify a 5-inch bladed 65 pattern.

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Review the marks from the s. The marks from to had no logo. Most knife manufacturers introduce some jigging pattern into handles, but Case has the largest variety and a few proprietary jigging patterns.