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I want a deeper connection with a woman who can be present, and who can work as a team to build a relationship that is based on mutual trustsafety, and respect. Another wrinkle is that I do not want to have children.

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Submitted by Chris on November 3, - 2: However, despite what you might believe about men, some of us desire a deeper, more connective relationship, and we care about things like character, honesty, kindness, values, priorities, etc.

Alot of women in their 30's or 40's want to have children, or more children.

I am just a down-to-earth, emotionally-available guy who wants a more pared-down, slower-paced life that focuses on what i consider to be the really important things in life like love and building a satisfying relationship. It is possible they assume that men will just want to be with them based on their looks.

So far what I have to offer and what I am looking for does not seem to resonate with the women I am finding on these dating sites.

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Many women on these sites also seem to write very little on their profiles about who they are, but may list many "requirements" for their men. Others seem to have very scattered priorities, like making their homes into animal shelters or zoos.

I am not that guy. Character, however, is essential. There are other factors in play like faith issues that also limit my choices and appeal, and my physical qualities might not be everyone's cup of tea, although I am not unattractive. One problem is that I am a male in my mid's, and many women seem to be expecting you to be a financially successful corporate executive so they can do lots of travel.

Women by own age or older pose other challenges.

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I am not convinced yet that the time or money I am spending is worth it, but it has been a good learning experience. Or they have an established lifestyle and activities and want the man to just fit into that.

But going on these sites takes Free dating sites reviews perseverance and patience, to be sure. Again, many seem to want to be taken care of financially, or just want an activity partner or casual relationship, and not an all-in, committed, team partnership.

I have alot to offer in other areas, but taking care of someone and their children financially is not going to be my core strength.

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Physical attraction is important but Cartoons about online dating all have different likes. Beyond that, I am usually outside of their age range.