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Many people have been led to believe that radiometric dating methods have proved the earth to be billions of years old.

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Why is such testing rare? Thus, we encourage our colleagues to do their own carbon dating of dinosaur bones from museums and university fossil repositories around the world, as well as testing for C in scrapings from dinosaur bones as they are excavated.

Neither freak cases nor small deviations pose much of a problem for radiocarbon dating, which, after all, works well with a wide variety of plant and animal species.

So, there's no problem in getting an accurate decay curve.

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Collagen tends to undergo microbiological decomposition, hydrolysis, dissolution, and denaturizing over archaeological and geological timescales, so that only in exceptional conditions, such as burial in permafrost, is collagen found to survive without significant changes into Pleistocene.

That much is predicted by quantum mechanics, which is possibly the greatest of our modern, scientific revolutions.

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This nullifies the carbon method as well as demonstrating that the earth is less than 10, years old. For a refutation of Barnes' argument see Topic Hovind's claim that the C content of our atmosphere is in the middle of a 30,year buildup.

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Beta counting is prone to possible errors in each of the many phases. They concluded that the helium in the rock wastimes more plentiful than it should have been if the rocks were really 1.

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If the atmosphere's ratio of carbon to carbon has doubled since the flood and we did not know it, radiocarbon ages of things living soon after the flood would appear to be one half-life or 5, years older than their true ages.

Individual censorship on YouTube - "NaturaLegion" A YouTube video by an arrogant evolutionist calling himself "NaturaLegion" ridicules the work of the Paleochronology group, including this webpage.

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For example, a worldwide flood would uproot and bury preflood forests. Afterward, less carbon would be available to enter the atmosphere from decaying vegetation.

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The point is that fluctuations in the rate of C production mean that at times the production rate will exceed the decay rate, while at other times the decay rate will be the larger.

One can date just the purified bioapatite, the total organics, or the collagen, or a combination of these, as we did in several cases. Not every mollusk shell presents such problems, and the dating of other material might yield a cross-check.

He ran the Microscopy Imaging Facility with its three Carbon dating range microscopes, personally training students and faculty on their proper use.