Culture and Religion in Canada Culture and Religion in Canada

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How are your language teachers who are not from your country different from your other teachers? What do you like about your culture? Just look at the northern territories of Canada, the area is huge and onlypeople live there. What customs do you think should no longer be practice?

Women are in charge and look and act masculine like Men do in Male power societies, and the Men act submissive like foreign women do in male power societies.

I am now convinced that if Afghanistan is the worst country in the world to be a woman, Canada has to be the worst country in the world to be a man The Natives that were living here for thousands of years before Canada was "discovered", hate the white people and always have and will.

About the only thing that will bring people together is a hockey game.

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Most Canadians brag about how big the country is and how it is bigger than the USA. Religion is very popular in Canada.

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So marriage here is fraud, but most men don't realize it because they are so desperate to get a woman they sign the contract and become slaves. Post by Will N.

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Yes, you guessed it, for half of the year, Canada is a vast frozen wasteland of snow and ice, from east to west and north to south. For example, hamburgersfast food in the United States, seemed exotic when introduced into China.

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What customs do you think should be revised? Tylorit is "that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.

Just like in the USA, the British and French that came here years ago decimated the Native populations with war and disease, and said tough luck if you don't like it.

Britain made several concessions to the Americans at the expense of the North American colonies.

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I've lived in various places in Canada for about 30 of my 40 years. Canada is simply a British Empire manufactured kill and conquer country that anyone from anywhere in the world can come to and live in and say I am Canadian.

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Franz Boas — was trained in this tradition, and he brought it with him when he left Germany for the United States. Canada is a country without an official religion. How do young people in your culture behave differently from people in Canada?

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For example, music, language, Fishing rights were also granted to the United States in the Gulf of St.