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Business matchmaking platform, find your next business partnership here

Business Matchmaking Unleashed!

What methods have some of you guys used to grow your user base? We've thought of putting money into google ads but I haven't had much luck in the past.

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Twitter so far has been our best acquisition tool. Also if your business is offering or looking for a service our goal is to connect you with vetted users Business matchmaking platform your area.

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For example connecting a web designer looking for an accountant with an accountant looking for a website. We're trying to create something better so I would love to hear what people on here expect. What features do you expect from a platform like ours: A bit more detail: We've used similar "matching" or bartering sites in the past and where not very happy with the cost and services provided but loved the idea.

LinkedIn has also been great since we have gotten more direct feedback from business owners in our early stages. The site is https: I would love any content suggestions that could entice people to create an account.

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Currently some features are still a bit bare bone but would love to get some advice on how we could make the site more intuitive and easier to use for a first time user. Sorry for the lengthy post.

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User experience and how intuitive the site is: We have thought of sending emails every few days to keep them in the loop on activities and new business opportunities every few days but we don't want to come off as spammy.

Originally we focused our content around bartering since it is a reason for businesses to connect but that didn't seem to resonate well.

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Currently we have reached out to people via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We just officially launched the site this week. We also tried to promote that the service is in fact free but have gotten some feedback saying that it devalues the service.

We've had some good feedback so far but would love more in a few areas.

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If anyone has any questions on related or not to what we are building I'd be more than happy to answer. Since removing a lot of the text mentioning that it's a free service I now get constant emails asking for the cost of the service: Does anyone have any suggestions on what we could do to keep users coming back to the platform?

Currently users tend to drop off after a few days.