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Brittany and santana hook up, annotation

They are seen cuddling throughout the entirety of the episode, but especially during Santana's voice over.

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New York Artie mentions the time Brittany took his virginity, saying it was exciting and how it had made him feel like a man even though she got his name wrong 4 times during and after to Rachel and Blaine. Puck tries to help Artie out by teaching him his ways of getting girls.

Makeover Brittany says Artie along with Sam is hot topless or not. Prom-asaurus Quinn and Santana have both been nominated for prom queen. This was probably just because he was drunk.

Maybe I am destined to play the title role of the Broadway production of Willow, but the only job you're going to have is working on a pole.

Tina points out that he can't join in on a fight or he will be taken back to Juvie, and Rachel agrees. Artie agrees, saying he'd like to find a relationship that lasts more than a few weeks, then tells her not to be offended by that.

A Night of Neglect Brittany and Artie can be seen cuddling throughout the episode, especially while Santana's snarky voice-overs play in the beginning of the episode. In contrast Rachel is standing closely with Brittany and Santana at the beginning of Santana's Sectionals song, Valerie.

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Rachel is surprised and visibly upset and throughout the episode, continues to think that Finn thinks that Santana is more attractive than her. Special Education Brittany still believes in Santa Claus, and Artie does not want to lose this, because it is a magical feeling to believe.

Later, when Rachel and Finn are standing at a distance from each other in the hallway, Santana passes by and blows a kiss at Finn. Duets Artie and Puck become friends in this episode when Puck helps Artie try to look cool in order to fulfill Puck's community service.

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They discuss where their friendship lies and the fact they are flawless. They mock each other until the mocking goes too far, leading up to the two slapping each other, right before Brittany walks in and stops them.

They share a passionate kiss after Artie tells her the comb wasn't really magic, but it was Brittany who was the magic herself.

Artie-Brittany Relationship

Extraordinary Brittany and santana hook up Christmas When Artie is talking to Sue about how Becky sent him an inappropriate picture of herself, she mentions how Brittany also sent pictures of herself to him, which he claims was different.

Artie gives her a "magic comb" and promises her that it will help her. Artie calls it quits and he and Brittany don't perform their duet.

Quinn tells Santana that she doesn't feel right winning this title. The Power of Madonna Brittany admits to Artie that she has feelings for him, even though she's primarily using him to make Santana jealous and win the duet assignment Mr. Backstage at sectionals, Artie confronts her and asks her why she cheated on him.

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Homosexual christian dating can be implied from this interaction that while Santana is a lesbian, Brittany is most likely bisexual.

Later, Tina passes Artie a rumor that Brittany and Mike are having an affair.

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Diva In the choir room, Brittany, who has a new diva attitude demands to sing My Cup as a solo at Regionals and she sings a part of it along with Artie. Contents [ show ] Overview Artie and Brittany rarely interact with each other during Season One possibly because Brittany believes Artie to be a robot, according to an interaction in Season Twothough they are often dance partners for performances ironically, in real life Kevin is one of the best dancers but on the show, although Brittany still is the best dancer, Mike is classed as the best dancer seen as Artie is significantly diminished due to him being in a wheelchair.

Quinn admits she doesn't trust Santana "and she definitely doesn't trust me. Artie attempts to win Brittany back in Prom Queenwhen he asks her to prom with a song, but he fails.

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