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Seth Hawk, 19, second left is facing felony charges of burglary and criminal mischief, along with misdemeanor charges for serving alcohol to minors Damage: Among those who showed up to help Holloway clean were year-old cousins Mikaela Byrnes and Ricky Nelson, of Waterford.

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The alleged ringleader was arraigned on September 27 on felony charges of burglary and criminal mischief. Twitter Brian holloway ii dating turn the party into a drunken madhouse as word of it spread from Albany, New York to Pittsfield, Massachusetts Damage: Police have charged eight people.

Holloway arrived home to find his floor covered in booze and urine Instead, he said, some parents were angry about his website and there was even a threatened lawsuit. Many of the estimated teens documented the illegal party by Instagramming and tweeting pictures and messages about the event.

The only bidder was Berkshire Bank, which bought the lien on the house. In the course of their investigation, police discovered plans for another - even bigger - party in the area planned for September He said hearing about Hawk's involvement 'was a shocker.

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Railings on the wrap-around porch had fallen into disrepair but Grantland alleged that reports of damage caused by the teenagers was exaggerated Dirty: The former NFL linebacker and father-of-eight said he was shocked by the threats from parents who were angry that he posted social media photos of the party online Advertisement.

Those who come forward on their own will be treated more favorably, he added.

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He said he posted them on the website helpmesave Sullivan, 18, of Troy, N. Holloway power washes graffiti in a barn.


Thousands of dollars in damage was done during a Labor Day weekend party attended by up to people who broke into the house.

Holloway has, in turn, posted the messages on a website he calls HelpMeSave 'They all committed a crime,' Holloway said.

Windows were broken at the house which the footballer bought in Word quickly spread: Some of it was allegedly painted on by friends of the footballer's children when they lived there Sgt.