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Some of the most creative designs were produced by 19th-Century American craftsmen following the advent of the glass-pressing machine.

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This is a myth, most dealers say. London Richard Syng Cast candlesticks were generally produced by soldering different parts, individually obtained by casting: Others, datinghad shaped square base with stem decorated with bands and ribs.

Again, though, you may encounter difficulty in researching the company that produced the candlestick because no name will be found on much of the work produced during this period.

Check the antique brass candleholder to see if it has a seamed stem.

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Parts of an antique brass candlestick include the wax pan, nozzle, sconce, capital, shoulder, stem, column, knop, well and base. Look at rounded corners on the brass candleholder for smoothness. Candlesticks are a popular, but sometimes an expensive, collectible. Much of what they used for candlesticks was imported, and brass appears to have been the most popular material among the early settlers.

This would be your guide to determining approximate production dates. How difficult will they be to date for valuation purposes?

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Furthermore demi-figure and figure candlesticks have been produced by casting at any age. Used before the invention of Brass candlesticks dating, candleholders made from brass were a much-needed utilitarian decorative, made both for function and beauty by Brass candlesticks dating craftsmen.

We have an extensive collection of American candlesticks that must date back more than a few generations.

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Lobed and gadroon decoration, both on stem and base, appeared aroundthe base being square with cut corners, or occasionally round Figure 4. Examine the metal closely with a magnifying glass for discoloration on the bottom.

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Weight was always high, ranging from g per pair for the shortest and to - 1, g or more per pair for the tallest ones. Then, following the turn of the century the yearnew techniques were used that allowed the candlestick and its stem to be hollowed out, thus producing a much lighter product.

From to they were cm tall, to reach cm in the late examples around - Figure 4 - Cast candlestick with lobed and gadrooned decoration. During the Colonial period, candles were a primary source of light and were widely used by the early settlers.

Be careful not to damage any distinctive markings--particularly a bottle's label, which could add to its value by not only providing a distinctive touch and some history but also tell you its producer and date of manufacture.

On newer candleholders, made in the 20th century, there will be a discolored bottom, and they will not have a continuation of similar-colored brass like on the older, antique pieces.

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London From to at leasta lot of candlestick had square base with cut corners ribbed at the center of each angle or with lobed base Figure On newer pieces, there may be less quality metal on other parts of the brass candleholder as well.