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I shuttled back and forth between incredible experiences and powerful release of unconscious blocks. Beginning in Awakening Level 1 which, remember, is the second levelwe add another innovation—the second reason why this program is so powerful: In certain delta frequencies the brain releases many highly beneficial substances, including human growth hormone, Brain dating we ordinarily make in decreasing quantities as we get older—resulting in many aging symptoms including loss of muscle tone, increased weight gain, loss of stamina, and many diseases associated with aging.


People actually began to like me. I experienced a sense of euphoria and also a sense that finally I found something that is making changes to me and Brain dating living up to the promises it made.

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Sometimes I would even have what seemed to be dramatic breakthroughs. So what is brain synchronization… and how can it create a revolution in your life? I do know this: I still remember the first time I listened to a cassette tape this was before CDs using a crude forerunner of the more advanced and refined technology we now use at Centerpointe Research Institute.

I found the new and exciting field of neurotechnology. I read everything I could get my hands on about his work.

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However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

I gathered together some electronic tone generators and some other equipment, went into a recording studio, and began making experimental soundtracks for myself.

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They had phenomenal levels of emotional commitments, motivation, attentional capacity—all of which reflected the highly integrated brain in action. In fact, I changed a lot.


My progress was unbearably slow, and even after sixteen years I was… miserable. As amazing as it sounds, I could see myself becoming more intelligent, more focused, more intuitive, and more creative.

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According to Vincent Giampapa, M. These brain wave patterns of meditation dramatically improve your health, slow aging, powerfully reduce stress levels, create more happiness and inner peace…and a lot more. As you can imagine, I became very excited about the possibilities.

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The result was a sudden rejuvenation that reversed biological aging by as much as 20 years! I began to assert myself. You listen with stereo headphones or ear buds, sitting comfortably with closed eyes or, if you prefer, you may lie down. Are you beginning to see how exciting this is??

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Traumatic Brain Injury Explore our TBI resources to learn more about social and emotional issues, driving, cognitive issues, health issues, rehabilitation, and other important topics. I became more creative.

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Quite frankly, I suspect this is the same type of higher brain function of, say, Stephen Covey, Walt Disney, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, and other creative, high-performance individuals like them. DHEA, another hormone produced by your adrenal glands, is a precursor, or source ingredient, to virtually every hormone your body needs.

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You see, it turns out that in these slower brain wave patterns, your typical left-brain filters are bypassed, and the affirmations personally chosen by you and recorded in your own voice go directly to your unconscious mind… …creating change at a very deep level—to your specifications.

Theta is best known as the brain wave state of dreaming sleep, but it is also associated with a number of other beneficial Brain dating, including increased creativity, some kinds of superlearning, increased memory abilities, visionary experiences, and what are called integrative experiences where we make broadly-based positive changes in the way we see ourselves, others, or certain life situations.

This is very amazing and I definitely want to continue this process.