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That's a lesson that will serve them well in many ways. Many kids are not thrilled to have a new leading man waltzing into their house and changing up the family dynamic.

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He also set boundaries on His actions. They are on entirely separate pages if he is the only one doing the talking with Kelsey. Of course, women aren't the only ones who do this. I'm talking about a vetting period measured in months, not days.

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In fact, doing so would send your kids the message that they have ultimate authority over your love life, and that would set a precedent that you would quickly come to regret. Make sure you don't let your new boyfriend approach your kids like they are Oscars that can be won if his performance is impressive enough.

A new relationship can be an exhilarating and blissful experience.

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Their views are understandable. If your kids don't like your boyfriend, give them a chance to explain the basis for their opinion.

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What you can do: Complaints of that nature indicate that their objections aren't based on anything specific to him; but rather they dislike the idea of your having any boyfriend at all. Your kids have had enough rough sailing for the time being.

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This is likely why Jax brought up breaking up, instead of trying to get Brittany into reiki therapy with him. In seeking to set godly boundaries and practice biblical submission, remember … Biblical submission is not expressed in breaking godly boundaries but in obeying them.

At that point you will have your first obstacle to overcome -- one that is completely your fault.

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A side benefit of this approach is it affords you additional time to get to know him, which means you will be that much more sure of things before he gets involved in your kids' lives. As soon as they've been on two dates with a guy, they want to introduce him to their kids.

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Before you and your boyfriend meet each other's kids, you should talk about these points to make sure you are both on the same page.

While breaking up isn't wise, making some adjustments to take the pressure off everyone would be a very smart move.

Boundaries in Dating: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Relationships

I'm not trying to be a buzzkill here. But what about when your partner becomes too close to the person who is supposed to be guiding them in a particular area and you think an unhealthy line has been crossed?

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But, if someone has become your life coach or guide, there is an unequal balance of power in the therapeutic relationship and that's sometimes hard to see when you are in it.

If it is a therapist or counselor, the best thing to do is to bring these issues up in a session — and with your partner after you have sorted it out with your therapist.

Also, they will be predisposed to take your side in any spats you have with your boyfriend, and that can interfere with their relationship with him in the long run.