A Short Line Railroad Guide A Short Line Railroad Guide

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Rainfall, similarly to that of Southern Californiacan also be extremely erratic from one year to another. The cemetery is active, being used for burials, and is maintained by perpetual care giving, donations, sale of lots, interest on monies, and volunteer work.

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Martin, Lee, 29 Aug - 9 Dec father. Heard, Ethel Holt, 3 June - 29 Mar January 11,Perry Co.

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It handles about 1, carloads annually with freight including plastics and lumber. Roberson, - Once, after the Yankee soldiers left their campsite near Alfred's home, Sophronia and the children gathered the corn scattered on the ground by the horses, washed it, and carried it for miles through the woods to a grist mill to be ground into cornmeal for the hungry children.

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Heard, Mattie, 5 Nov - 8 Sep Morris, Infant, born and died 14 july Pigg, Joseph, 22 Aug - 18 Feb Aug Russell, Florence Grace, b. Pigg, James, 18 Dec - 21 Sep However, the materials here are older about 7.

Holt, Ruby Neva; b. Hayes, Betty, 15 Sep - 26 Jan Civil War Holt, Mabeline Butler ; b.

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Feb Eaton, Bruce; b. Berry, John, 16 Sep - 4 Sep This role was later referred to as a "captainship" by the conquerors.

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