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Andy fell off the wagon a few times, almost drank a few other times, and briefly shut out the world. You could look at Lesniak's transfer, for instance, as the result not of her relationship with a squadmate, but the ugly breakup of it.

When NYPD brass decided that the 15th squad was spiraling out of control under the successive commands of Tony Rodriguez and Eddie Gibson, they transferred in a firmer hand.

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For the last year or two, the only thing keeping Blue on the ABC schedule was the fact that every new drama the network premiered flopped miserably.

He was a loudmouth who saw racism in every white man he worked with, whether it was there or not.

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Bike has single-spring anodized Weinmann Vainqueur Deluxe centerpull brakes which may not be original but the single-spring style ceased production in Serial Number E36 Rydor Bike Shop: The surprising product of the union between middle-aged Andy Sipowicz and the late Sylvia Costas, Theo was mercifully young enough to not quite realize the impact of his mother's murder.

After he was shot, she expressed quite a bit of maternal concern, which James and Greg mistook for romantic interest.

A gold-shield detective at only 28, Sorenson was an obvious up-and-comer in the NYPD when he arrived at the 15th squad at the worst possible time: Despite the colossal difference in their size, appearance and demeanor, he and Medavoy became fast friends and solid partners. Olmo seat post collar; Campagnolo shifters, Gran Sport rear derailleur with cable housing adjuster, and Gran Sport front derailleur; Campagnolo crankset, pedals, hubs, and headset; Mafac brakes; Ambrosio handlebars and adjustable stem Serial Number E Most of the time, Julian's information was designed to help himself more than the cops, and he tended to jerk Andy and John around virtually all of the time, but in the end he could usually be bullied into being useful.

Serial Number E McNary: The Manhattan District Attorney, Abrams generally only handled cases that he hopes will boost his would-be political career.

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A lengthy flirtation and brief romance with Danny Sorenson was a disaster -- she wasn't ready to see any man, much less the one who replaced Bobby in the squad -- and after struggling to deal with guilt over"cheating" on Bobby, she decided to take a leave of absence from the department to work out her personal issues.

Bobby had a lot of pain in his life.

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Connie has police work in her blood, since her late father was a cop in Saratoga Springs, NY. He was also a dedicated, brilliant cop, a fiercely loyal friend, and a sensitive soul who, in the last few years, learned to ignore his prejudices, if not forget them. The Characters Who were the regular characters on the show?

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Why did the show end? He first crossed paths with our heroes when he mistakenly arrested Andy Jr.

1. The Show

The shrewish, crass Marie would be hard to get along with for just about anyone -- Greg probably only stayed with her for that long out of some sense of masochism. Connie left the job, at least temporarily, to look after her rapidly-growing family. He later worked as an investigator for an insurance company, and his path occasionally crossed his old co-workers'.

Fancy managed to cover up the incident on the condition that Vince, who was never much of a detective to begin with, take early retirement.

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She bounced around several jobs after her divorce, eventually settling in with the Manhattan DA's office. Sylvia was raped back in law school, which made her and Andy, once he found out especially sensitive about rape cases.

He survived, and thanks to the slick legal work of attorney James Sinclair see belowwas set free by arguing self-defense. When offered his choice of commands, he picked the 15th Precinct. But then life on the job for Andy became the life of Job.

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