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A very complex and difficult game. Each were in line with a potential answer for the math problem. Our copy had a bug or physical damage to the floppy and locked up at the same place each time, but I'd play it for hours on end, anyway.

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Crossfire by Sullivan, Sierra On-Line; arcade. Fight in arenas to earn money to buy a tricked-out car, carry loads to different cities, or become a highway bandit and steal loads and sell them on the black market.

At first Walnut creek speed dating had to fly in manually, which took some getting used to.

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Institute A graphic text adventure. YOu would choose how much ice to put in it. A press of a key opened the platform, making the man drop into the cannon, and promptly fired out of it and skywards towards the answer.

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Killed Until Dead This game was for the Commodore If I remember it correctly, this game had the same bug that Jet Set Willy had: Hero bloke with jet pack on his back travels through caves dropping down holes with traps in them.

You go through 4 levels, collecting Spam so that you can get the different sections of your brain. The lit fuses have no strategic purpose other than the bonus; a lit bomb left unattended does not explode.

The nice things about this game was that you could run your car as fast as MPH, had to stop to get some gas from time to time, could be stopped by cops, and weather and time could change!

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Movie Maker Unsure if the game was actually branded by Playskool or not. F Strike Eagle For the C One of the best Commodore games ever, with great, long levels!

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Dig-Dug involved burrowing through the ground and inflating a Pooka and Frygar which breathed fire so that they'd pop. YOu would choice how much to buy of all the ingrediants.

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Featured different batting angles, choice of pitch, and an umpire calling the strikes. Naked yoga — I have a guide just for naked yoga classes in NYC — coming soon!

You are Christopher Columbus and sail to the New World to explore. The object of the game is to make a huge profit while selling lemonade. Joust I do not remember the specifics of the computer but I played the game along with Digger, Frogger and Janitor Joe on my Best dating app for 30 somethings old work computer from mid to late 80's.

The graphics were nice. With a friend, hours could be spent without even realizing the time.

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The game was about eight screens by eight screens and you had monsters to knife or shoot or avoid they grew from snakes and small spiders to dinosaurs and octopi, and there were plenty of traps like a giant water spigot that would fill the room with water, or even a descending ceiling where the walls on the side slammed shut.

It's a game geared to very young children.

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Commander Keen Commander Keen's babysitter was stolen in the middle of the night by aliens and you had to rescue her, there were commander keens I - IV that i played but maybe more.

Monkey Island Lucasarts hilarious misadventures of the wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood.

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One is a legal, official area in the Mohonk Preserve. Leisure Suit Larry It came out in The first "fight monsters through the dungeon game" from a first person perspective, where you went through multiple levels. In all the Monkey Island games Guybrush attempts to become a better pirate while fighting the evil LeChuck and attempting to rescue his true love, Governor Elaine Marley.