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This is followed by a discussion between the hosts often joined for this segment by Miranda Green of the issues raised. Overview[ edit ] With a more light-hearted tone than most political programming, This Week prides itself on being "punchy, irreverent, satirical".

Since her appointment as Shadow Secretary of State for International Development in Septembershe has rarely appeared, and the tradition of Labour MPs alternating in the spot has continued.

In weeks where the Speaker of the House of CommonsJohn Bercow or his spousehas featured in the news, the end credits are frequently shown over a scene of the diminutive Speaker being ceremonially escorted into the House of Commons to the music and lyrics of Jimmy Dean 's " Big Bad John ".

Guest commentators' nicknames[ edit ]. At the beginning of each episode, Neil asks the two regular commentators for their "Moment of the Week", occasionally contributing his own "moment". These include assertions that the show's viewers watch the show drinking Blue NunDavid Cameron watches the show in bed wearing his pyjamasthat the cast regularly go to a nightclub after filming is completed— Annabel's in Berkeley Square or Lou Lou's in Mayfair —with Charles Clarke providing the guests a minicab service even when he is not appearing on the show.

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While giving out the Twitter and Facebook handles for the show in the process, creatively mangling the names of the social media sitesNeil also insists that no comments posted by viewers will be read. Recurring jokes[ edit ] In keeping with its comic style, This Week has several recurring jokes and nicknames.

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Eventually, her place was taken by another Labour MP, in rotation each week, always a backbencher, most often Alan Johnson. The second segment is a light-hearted "Round-up of the Week" in and around Parliamentformerly presented by Mark Mardellwho left the show on becoming the BBC's Europe Editor in The two were thereafter ostensibly an "odd couple" coming from different sides of the political spectrum albeit with a long-standing friendship dating back to when both attended grammar school in Harroweven having appeared in a production of Macbeth together.

On the rare occasions now that she makes an appearance on the show, Neil introduces her by saying "And back by absolutely no public demand whatsoever It is also frequently sarcastically said that the show has a budget of almost zero, and has few Dating boyfriend for 2 months no regular viewers.

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Also, every episode begins with the words "Evenin' all" and ends with "That's your lot for this week". After returning to the backbenches inAbbott appeared on a fortnightly basis, alternating with Johnson.

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The middle section is introduced with "Now, it's late; [topical event]-late. The first features a journalist or commentator who presents their "Take of the Week" in a short film before appearing in the studio to discuss their perspective further.

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The standard format consists of three segments, with a guest contributor featuring in each. For example, during the General Election, the show's title sequence spoofed the recently re-released version of " Is This the Way to Amarillo " and its video featuring comedian Peter Kay.

This was aided in the show's early years by the fact that Michael Portillothe regular Conservative commentator on the show, left the House of Commons inwhile the Labour Party commentator until was Diane Abbottfor many years a backbench Labour MP noted for rebelling against her own party.

The third main segment, "Spotlight", typically focuses more on cultural topics and features a final guest. Miss Molly's first appearance was coupled with an increase in This Week's ratings. Currently, the "Round-up" segment is presented by a rotation of writers and broadcasters.

SinceNeil's golden retriever Miss Molly has also frequently appeared on the show, often walking in front of the camera during shots or choosing to sleep next to guests.

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