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McCownbefore many in Union Brig. But his decision to retreat allowed his enemies to charge that once again Bragg had lost his Battle creek mi dating. Breckinridge was devastated by the disaster.

Two Confederate blunders aided Rosecrans. Rosecrans occupied Murfreesboro on January 5, but made no attempt to pursue Bragg. His neighboring Union division to the left, under Brig. Withers hit Sheridan's right flank first and Davis's left but was repulsed in three separate charges.

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Despite this action, the main battle is generally accepted to have ended on January 2. Cheatham's assault was sluggish and piecemeal; observers claimed he had been drinking heavily and was unable to command his units effectively.

Bragg sent a telegram to Richmond before he went to bed: He canceled his orders that Breckinridge send reinforcements across the river, which diluted the effectiveness of the main attack. Hardee struck first, Dating china cups the Union's right flank with the division of Maj.

Two more brigades arrived, and they were sent in, reinforced by other elements of Polk's corps. The Union troops were pushed back across McFadden Fordbut the Confederate charge ran into heavy fire from massed Union artillery across the river, commanded by Crittenden's artillery chief, Capt.

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December 31, [ edit ] December 31, 8: At dawn on December 31, about 6 a. God has granted us a happy New Year. Convoys of wounded had to travel under heavy escort to be protected from the cavalry, and Wheeler interpreted these movements as preparations for a retreat, and he reported such to Bragg.

The Union troops regrouped and held the Nashville Pike, supported by reinforcements and massed artillery.

He lost nearly one third of his Kentucky troops Hanson's Brigade, also known as the Orphan Brigade because it could not return to Union-occupied Kentucky. The new line was roughly perpendicular to the original line, in a small half oval with its back to the river. Repeated attacks on the left flank of the Union line were repulsed by Col.

Thomas drove the Confederates from their entrenchments, taking about 30 prisoners. The attack failed a second time. Withers and Benjamin F.

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Mendenhall deployed his guns perfectly—45 arrayed hub-to-hub on the ridge overlooking McFadden's Ford and 12 more guns about a Battle creek mi dating to the southwest, which could provide enfilading fire, completely commanding the opposite bank and heights beyond—and saved the day for Rosecrans.

Samuel Beatty following Van Cleve's wounding the previous day to cross the river and occupy the heights there, protecting two river crossing sites and providing a good platform for artillery.

Several artillery batteries were captured without having time to fire a shot. What saved the Union from total destruction that morning was the foresight of Maj.

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He had, of course, sound reasons for withdrawing from Murfreesboro. The 10, Confederates who massed on their left attacked in one massive wave. Although he had suffered 9, casualties, he was convinced that the large number of captured Union soldiers meant that Rosecrans had lost considerably more.

Like a snowball, the Union would pick up strength from the debris of battle if they retreated in good order.

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The Union line was stabilized by the strong leadership of Rosecrans and by the rallying of the divisions under Johnson and Davis. A Union division under the command of James S.

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He had been slow to recognize the threat, assuming incorrectly that McCook would be capable of turning back Hardee's assault. As Rosecrans raced across the battlefield directing units, seeming ubiquitous to his men, his uniform was covered with blood from his friend and chief of staff, Col.