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In fact, understanding the properties and behavior of space is a major goal of modern physics. Pre-big bang An even wilder way to square the discrepancy between Planck's smooth cosmos and BICEP2's strong ripples is to include physics from before the big bang.

Second, we can actually detect the light left over from the era of the Big Bang.

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Viable, quantitative explanations for such phenomena are still being sought. Again, science has been able to expand upon what it knows about the universe today and extrapolate a theory as to its age.

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Through our own devices we have been able to produce evidence that these guesses are close to the truth. Through finding answers to these modern questions, it is possible to trace their role in the universe back to the Big Bang.

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These particular wanderers have taken the question to a higher level, concentrating not only on human existence but the existence of everything we know as real. If so, doesn't the universe have to have an edge?

Similarly, while matter is attracted to other matter by gravity, space behaves differently: They postulate that its presence could be either a remnant of energetic events at the birth of galaxies or it could indicate that boron is even older, dating back to the Big Bang itself.

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Therefore, the distance of the distant star could be calculated by studying the difference in their intensities much like determining the distance of two cars in the night.

In reality, the Big Bang scenario is completely silent about how the universe came into existence in the first place.

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Instead, the universe could be the result My son is dating a muslim string gas cosmology. The equation generally used to show the age of the universe is shown here: Scientists believe that there was one helium nucleus for every ten protons within the first three minutes of the universe.

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The landmark find put the Big Bang theory on solid ground, suggesting that the cosmos did indeed grow from a tiny seed — a single point — about After a certain distance it becomes impossible to distinguish individual stars from the galaxies in which they exist. Composite particles such as protons and neutrons, called hadrons, became the common state of matter after this transition.

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The part of the universe we can observe from Earth is filled more or less uniformly with galaxies extending in every direction as far as we can see - more than 10 billion light-years, or about 6 billion trillion miles. Shortly after the Big Bang, the cosmos was a seething-hot, opaque fog of plasma and energy; things changed aboutyears later, when temperatures dropped enough for electrically neutral atoms to form, and the universe became transparent.

Fortunately for us, there was an asymmetry in favor of matter.

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But it was a prediction that Einstein didn't believe; in fact, he tried to modify his theory to get rid of it. This could explain an anomaly in the Planck data that suggests the universe has a "preferred" direction, nicknamed the axis of evil.

In fact, if the whole universe is infinitely large now, then it was always infinite, including during the Big Bang as well.

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When the universe was very young, it was likely infused with dark energy, but with less space and everything closer together, gravity predominated, and it was slowly braking the expansion. Another is the mistaken belief that during the Big Bang, matter expanded into space from a point see below.

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Again, light from MOST of the universe has not yet had time to reach us. When astronomers sometimes refer carelessly! As these two materials are created together, they collide and destroy one another creating pure energy.

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We have, however, come a long way from the mystical beginnings of the study of cosmology and the origins of the universe. Existing CMB maps from Planck depicted an early universe that was almost uniformly smooth, with only tiny variations in density.

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How do we know when the Big Bang took place? Using trigonometry, they were able to calculate the distance to the star in our galaxy. This calculation is almost exactly the same for every galaxy that can be studied. Thus the Big Bang took place everywhere in space, not at a particular point in space.

For example, the part of space occupied by the Earth, the Sun, and our Milky Way galaxy was once, during the Big Bang, incredibly hot and dense. This occurance was not a conventional explosion but rather an event filling all of space with all of the particles of the embryonic universe rushing away from each other.