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The death of the Bamboo online dating plants following their fruiting means the local people lose their building material, and the large increase in bamboo fruit leads to a rapid increase in rodent populations.

Bamboo within barriers usually become rootbound after a few years and Bamboo online dating to display the signs of any unhealthy containerized plant.

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A mutant bamboo plant flowering at a noninteger multiple of its population's flowering interval would release its seeds alone, and would not enjoy the benefits of collective flowering such as protection from predators.

Barriers and edging are unnecessary for clump-forming bamboos, although these may eventually need to have portions removed if they become too large.

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The hypothesis predicts that observed bamboo flowering intervals should factorize into small prime numbers. During the height of the day, photosynthesis is at its peak, producing the highest levels of sugar in sap, making this the least ideal time of day to harvest.

In many areas of the world, the sap levels in harvested bamboo are reduced either through leaching or postharvest photosynthesis.

Hence, harvesting is best a few months prior to the start of the wet season.

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In dry and hard soil conditions extending rhizomes will cause cracks in the soil surface. Any plant derived through clonal propagation from this cohort will also flower regardless of whether it has been planted in a different location.

As all growth of new bamboo occurs during the wet seasondisturbing the clump during this phase will potentially damage the upcoming crop. By having a flowering cycle longer than the lifespan of the rodent predators, bamboos can regulate animal populations by causing starvation during the period between flowering events.

Flowering bamboo Phyllostachys glauca 'Yunzhu' in flower Bamboos seldom and unpredictably flower, and the frequency of flowering varies greatly from species to species.

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Lucky bamboo[ edit ] The ornamental plant marketed as "lucky bamboo" is an entirely unrelated plant, Dracaena sanderiana. Mountain gorillas of Africa also feed on bamboo, and have been documented consuming bamboo sap which was fermented and alcoholic; [14] chimpanzees and elephants of the region also eat the stalks.

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The mass fruiting also has direct economic and ecological consequences, however. It is a resilient member of the lily family that grows in the dark, tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and Africa. Several bamboo species are never known to set seed even when sporadically flowering has been reported.

Typically, steel, concrete, and specially rolled HDPE plastic are used to create the barrier, which is placed in a 60— to cm-deep ditch around the planting and angled out at the top to direct the rhizomes to the surface; this is only possible if the barrier is installed in a straight line.

In addition, rhizomes pile up against the barrier and often escape over the top or under the bottom.

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Cut bamboo is raised clear of the ground and leaned against the rest of the clump for one to two weeks until leaves turn yellow to allow full consumption of sugars by the plant.

As each individual culm goes through a 5— to 7-year lifecycle, culms are ideally allowed to reach this level of maturity prior to full capacity harvesting. The bamboo fire cycle hypothesis is considered by a few scientists to be unreasonable; they argue [22] that fires only result from humans and there is no natural fire in India.

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The predator satiation hypothesis does not explain why the flowering cycle is 10 times longer than the lifespan of the local rodents, something not predicted.