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Allegations of government corruptions threatens the political stability of her administration, while the world-wide rapid increase in the prices of prime commodities, like food and petroleum products, threatens the economic stability of the country.

Ako naman, nagtrabaho sa isang construction firm. Favorite 90's Memories Part 3 Man, was the idea of posting memories from the 90's a total baloney? What a difficult question! It is believed the death toll was much higher due to reports that the ferry was overloaded with passengers.

President Joseph Estrada enjoined the nation "to pray for global peace and brotherhood" in light of the challenges of the 21st Century. And I only took a pause for an asnwer hahaha. That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body. Walay Facebook o Skype niadtong mga panahona.

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They could barely walk, but just the same, together, they attended the daily Mass. In order to continue using it, we need to be connected with a power source. Both of they needed to be supported just to reach the chapel.

Hi Palangga, Kung balikan nako ang mga sauna nato, na-amgo jud nako kung unsa kalayo na ang naabtan sa atong relasyon. I'm a 90s kid! But I quickly banished the thought when I remembered that my ordination is already slated next month. Ilang taon ka non? For we surely have a limited supply of these.

We heard Jesus telling us to remain. Halos di nako nimo buhian katong nigakos ka nako para mag good bye. It was marked by greater stability and economic progress.

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Pero nawala yung kaba ko nung ngumiti ka, niyakap mo ako, at kinamusta mo ako. D It's Fido Dido of the 7 Up commercial hahaha: Naalala ko pa din ang lyrics nyan hahaha "Hintayin mo lang ang pag-tila ng ulan.

I tell you it's not false modesty if I say posting this is not all about gaining more Balik sa dating gawi in english to my site.

Pagpasensyahan mo na lang ako kasi kailangan ko pang bumalik ng Dubai. Wa ko kahibaw kung nganu pero murag gidala ra ko sa akong mga tiil didto.