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Which looked similar to this. Fans had a slogan event called 'This is the beginning', the same slogan held up Baekhyun and taeyeon dating kiss Baekhyun in the picture, along with the text, "This is the beginning!

Baekhyun is the only one to specifically stylize it as 'ExO'. To "oppa don't do it. I put nothing past, Shady Management. Something other than a simple kiss happened.

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The fans that are confused. And if it didn't, well at least people were still talking about them. Most of which are telling Bacon to man up and stop letting Taeyeon take all the heat.

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This is the beginning! The trip for my dreams!

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But at the same time, the more I read from the fans who are hurt by this, the more I'm kinda like, y'all could have kept this shit in between you.

It went from the simple congratz. Obviously Baekhyun's name stands for black and white There's still more.

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Something is wrong with this picture. Absolutely none, of what the fans really do for these idols. Ever wonder why Tao has a phone that costs over 5 thousand dollars?

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Shouldn't it be the other way around? There is also reactions like mine which looked like As the day has worn on with it come changes in reactions.

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Do you see where I'm going with this? One of a kind things? Should I even mention that there is an obvious picture missing? She doesn't even look surprised.

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Taeyeon had previously written on Instagram, "Fresh. This is what I wrote to someone that asked me: International fans have NO clue. Either you're dumb, or you wanted to get caught. And THEN you are hanging out in a car with the top down??? Anything and everything you can imagine, fans have bought for idols.

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Taeng is Taeyeon's nickname while Kyung is Baekhyun's nickname. But I'm coming to understand what they go through, even just the slightest bit. Oreo The day before the dating news broke out, Taeyeon posted up a picture of an oreo on her Instagram.

Shady Management somewhere making a deal to keep shit hidden. I personally say all power to you, Bacon and Taeyeon. Except for the people that don't understand what's going on.

Or why is it, that we KNOW idols don't get paid much, but they always have on new things?

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Fans reactions There were multiple reations. You are too young, and need to get yo ass off the damn internet. The fans bought it.