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Some parts of the Bible are difficult to understand, but there's much that you can understand. What made the difference? And most of all, she wants to honor God.

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Why do you suppose God created man with two eyes and two ears, but with only one mouth? For many families, getting to church becomes a frantic, harried experience with mom and dad looking for socks and shoes, and trying to feed the family. His fishing vest was tattered and held together with safety pins; his ancient hat was battered and sweat-stained; his antiquated fly rod was scarred and taped.

Wisdom is associated with a certain kind of pleasure or sweetness that comes from acting responsibly and righteously.

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But Mandy played a big part too. We were both wrong! To my shame I was paying little attention, responding to her comments with an occasional grunt. I must thank Tim Braby in Australia for his support and the loan of the Wasp photographs.

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But he is not alone. Times of stillness and solitude were important to Jesus. Through His Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, God will teach us what is right and enable us to do it.

I am weak, but Thou art mighty; Hold me with Thy powerful hand. The only issue in question is whether we will consider its ways and follow its advice. In the solitude and stillness, what might God say to you? But, as fallen people, even as fallen people now redeemed, we are ever so prone to be distracted and drawn away with other things, even with good things.

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It is obvious that rebellion pays bad dividends. These will be elements of power if he only gets in before them something that counts. Show by your attitude that your other interests can wait. Simeon Stylites, a 5th-century monk, after being buried up to his neck in the ground for several months, decided to pursue godliness by living on top of a pole.

Dedicated parents spend much of their time supporting, encouraging, instructing, protecting, and challenging their children.