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What we want to know is if we are compatible with a particular Leo or a particular Virgo. We offer several premium personal horoscopes. Sincethe Magi Society has been the author of three monumental books on astrology. Don't miss our new section on free horoscope videosfeaturing the best video horoscopes online!

We believe in free will more than astrology. Our zodiac horoscopes and zodiac astrology forecasts go beyond western tradition by bringing to you the internet's best Vedic astrology EasternTarot Card Readings, Wicca Card and even Sabian Symbol interpretations and mandalas.

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Download MatchMkr for investigating and researching astrological compatibility with Chiron, as well as generating lists of dates which have planetary composite Astrology dating websites and synastry aspects which meet user-selected criteria get birth dates of people who may be compatible with you.

Download Meanings if you want to read natal interpretations for rising sign, planets in signs and houses, and planetary aspects. All daily zodiac horoscopes and zodiac forecasts are available for each zodiac sign in one convenient location!

Choose among one of the best assortments of free monthly horoscopes forecasts online or free weekly horoscope readings. Be sure to consider not only your sun sign, but also moon sign and rising sign ascendant. Horoscope forecasts and free zodiac readings for the year ahead include in-depth astro predictions for in the free yearly horoscopes section of the site.

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It utilizes astrological secrets of the ancient Hebrew prophets and legendary Chinese astrologers, and combines such knowledge with recent discoveries. Did you know that the astrological symbols 12 signs are Carbon dating camel bones on constellations in the sky and that a person's birth chart factors in a great deal about the cosmos?

Exploring your past, present and future can help you understand yourself and learn what's in the stars today, this week, this month and this year as well as next, for your career and money outlook, opportunities and challenges in your personal life and love relationships.

There may well be certain mysteries in your life, from the past, present or entrenched in a future event that can cause stress and anxiety that can in turn lead to sickness and premature ageing.

By speaking to a stranger about relationships, your career or financial situation often you can benefit from an outsider's perspective, especially when the outsider is qualified and who can make sense of things in a way that would never enter your thoughts. Download my best astrology programs: We've scoured the web to find the best free daily zodiac horoscope forecasts online and gathered them together in one convenient place.

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Visit often and bookmark this site to find the best daily astrology from the best daily astrologers. Monthly horoscopes come out for the most part in the last weeks of the month.

Inside this website you'll find the best daily horoscope as well as your weekly horoscope organized by day of release, by astrologer, by time and love horoscopes for all signs on one page, and we do the same by sign if you want to read just the horoscopes for your zodiac sign.

Not only do we feature our own weekly horoscope with daily and monthly predictions on the same page for this week and for this month.

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When people say that they are Leos or Virgos, they are really only referring to their first charts. Whilst the west's approach is based on the months of the year, the Chinese look at their twelve year lunar cycle.

But traditional astrology has been unable to access this information.

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Our free astrology primer will help you learn basic western zodiac astrology, covering sun, moon and rising signs ascendants. Birthday horoscopes, based on your birth place, birth date and time are the most accurate readings available.

Make people aware of my website so they may take advantage of all the tools I have here. A personal natal chart is a Rosetta stone to understanding personality and temperament, major life issues and life challenges.

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You will find that it is actually pretty simple, and after you have done it a few times you will start to understand what the Lots are actually representing in the chart in the first place.

For all your astrological needs, visit the good folks at: The process begins by knowing the exact place and time of your birth, a moment when the planets were aligned in such a way that an extremely clear picture was created that would show various trends regarding your future.

There are forces unmeasured in the universe as gravity itself once was which can help us better understand the universe and our relationship to it!

Ogham stone readings, rune stone interpretations, numerology and some offer psychic readings. Inwe updated our sister site and horoscopes featuring our very best love horoscopes, career horoscopes along with business and financial horoscopes appear now.

We hope that the best astrologers on the web the ones giving at least pseudoscientific readings guided by their intuition will help you understand yourself better and help you to improve your health and love life as well as your fortune in business, work and career!