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In he and his new wife Peggy cruised Katy Ford for another seven years, until when in Milt Henderson honored a long-standing first right of refusal, and offered Evening Star to the Doles. They knew that as much work should be done as early as possible in the building process, a technique fundamental today in sophisticated computer driven shipbuilding.

He became a helper in virtually every trade, and began working regular hours at union scale when he was old enough to be legal.

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By the end of the first year and a half, there were only 9 guys left. So, in Ac and Clair moved to Puget Sound to pursue their luck with the well-established yards in that region. Henderson was watching intently, and fingering the silver dollar in his pocket.

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Heine saw John in the morning after what had been a long day. This text is excerpted with permission from Tom's manuscript.

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Merrimac is still a beautiful boat, now owned by the Bealls of Portland, and a frequent winner in wooden boat shows. Finnglish was flexible enough to be used as Finnish at home, and as an approximation of English at work. We wound up with the maintenance of five of the big king crab boats, and that was solid revenue.

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Tommy, later Tom, worked during every school vacation for 14 years, until leaving for graduate school to study naval architecture. The new reserve fleet at Tongue Point offered opportunities.

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One day he found himself aboard the tug that had been delayed in Astoria. He knew he Neon dating app another heavy-duty boat.

I wonder if there is a provision to clean the outsides of these new windows.

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These ships were then given to South Korea, Taiwan, and our other new allies. Joe was the rigger and laborer boss. Here, machines that date from or or are operated by men with more than a half-century of experience as shipwrights.

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It was not uncommon to find mothballed engines, supposedly ready to go, that in fact required major overhauls. Even the trestle supports were given fresh paint. We had paid it off by