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Having identified porn as a new money spinner, quite a number of Alaba businessmen are putting their money into porn business. Her house was a no-go area with any girl.

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Several course and level mates followed me like Twitter. At the end, enough information trickled out to suggest that the major culprits in the making of porn videos in Nigeria were military officers, expatriate workers, politicians, businessmen and oil workers stationed in Warri, Eket and Port Harcourt.

As a group, we planned to have a revision just two days to the exams. The advert further listed the addresses of some distributors in Lagos, Ibadan and other cities where these items could be purchased.

Her jealousy is Dating 50 and over and I could tell from her reaction on my matriculation day.

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Encouraging as the public response to their products was, they could not penetrate the market, certainly not through the conventional route that employed major distributors who for legitimate movies, control all aspects of distribution from duplication, marketing and delivery to the collection of revenue.

What more, the naked women in the videos were not innocent, dew-eyed debutantes rather scorching femme fantales who had Ashawo hookup in lagos their inhibitions to dirty lucres. Ever heard of one success story out of the much-publicised scheme designed to give a new life to those victims? Knowing that death was imminent and unable to bear anymore the uncanny itching, she told doctors that she and her late friend had been forced by a German expatriate to sleep with his Alsatian dogs.

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In other words, have you ever seen one former comfort-girl, plucked from the glitzy life of Torino, now sweating it out as a waitress or apprentice fashion designer, all in the name of rehabilitation? In their hundreds, possibly thousands, connoisseurs of illicit tastes trooped out to these stores to get copies.

One of them simply called Prince is the publisher of a junk entitled Forever. With the deportation of Nigerian prostitutes from Italy, Lagos especially was crawling with idle girls, rearing to do what they knew how to do best, even before the camera.

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I became the go-to guy whenever there was a need to reach the seemingly fierce lecturers. Those "other things" may never had been known but for a discreet newspaper advert tucked away in the crowded pages of society magazines including Fame, Encomium and City People.

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They all bore the marks of professionals. Thanks to the rain, nobody could hear or see us.

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Titi and I began to study together alongside a few other friends. Having long dumped his wig, the husband styles himself as the Hugh Hefner of Nigeria.

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The Ekwunifes, having made millions in publishing went into movie production to expand their empire. They actually noticed me and could relate better with me than with other students. Objects carried by the two can be seen in the College of Light Industry Voyeur-gate video, a Dabao SOD Honey hand bag, a black leather bag behind them, as well as one pink and one green large water bottle.

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Each were shot in a club or private home using different amateur actresses. One particular girl who it is not known what she was told before she bared it all reportedly came to the Egbeda office weeping profusely after she saw her nude photos published in a ragsheet and displayed at newstands.