Plus-size dancer Amanda LaCount in emotional video | Daily Mail Online Plus-size dancer Amanda LaCount in emotional video | Daily Mail Online

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He is ranked as 4 for his age. Then Nia, Kalani are told they will play waitresses.

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Next on pyramid is Maddie. They start with Nia then Kendall who does well.

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Melissa says this is great. Matt loves his siblings very much and proves this by tons of family photos he posts on his social media.

Who Mattyb is dating and who he has dated. The director tells all the kids what the plot of the video is.

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Dating my sister rules says their studio is much more competitive and they have to push harder.

Abby then comes and tells the moms that MattyB is shooting a new video and wants to use the girls but they have to audition. Abby says not to sign anything until they find out if Mackenzie has top billing credit.

Abby watches the clown group number. Abby hopes having two teams in the competition will double the chances for a win. Marshall Manning, the director, says they are looking for a lead dancer and vocals.

Plus-size dancer Amanda LaCount in emotional video | Daily Mail Online

Jill says the other kids come and go and they suffer the consequences. Abby says she is going to celebrate feuds and does one that emulates Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. She says Tracey is jealous of Kalani and Ashlee is always talking crap about everyone on her phone after studio sessions.

MattyB gets on the phone and Abby lets the girls says hi then asks if he has a girlfriend. The girls head to the MattyB video shoot.

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Abby tells the girls to hustle into the studio and the moms follow. They say JoJo seemed to want it more. Marshall says Brynn, Kendall and Sarah are third tier i.

JoJo starts to tear up and Abby says no crying. They do big productions with guest choreography that have huge Hollywood presence. Three of them Blake Jr. Jessalynn says to put it up and says she deserves to be there.

They would have to consider if it was "a white lie" or "a really serious lie", he said. He is one of five children and enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

The show Dance Moms made the OG team famous as reality stars.


Jill and Abby verbally spar and Abby walks away annoyed. He said there was "no forensic link" — no fingerprints, banking records or telephone records — between Goodman and police.

There will be two small groups too.