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In the series finale, he helps the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming. She is a mole who wears glasses and is the same height as Rigby.

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The Phone Guardians[ edit ] The Phone Guardians voiced by Rich Fulcher and William Salyers are five living objects a fire in a wigwam, two tin cans connected by a string, an answering machine, a message in a bottle, and a chalkboard who serve as guardians of phones and live in an empty universe.

He was the star of the sit-com, That's My Television.

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She was nice, and showed off her smarts and her dancing skills. Eileen accepts, because no one asked her to prom when she was in high school.

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With a shaky thumb hovering over the Send button, Eileen's eyes darted to the door the split-second she heard it open. The yeti didn't flinch at all, he just stared at the raccoon. Rigby chases after her, to where his teacher stops him and tells him that if he wants to pass the class then he has to stay put, but before finishing that statement Rigby interupts her and tells her "Passing doesn't matter if I don't have Eileen!

Sure enough, the answer was donkey. He was starting to like that smile more and more. On a side note, Eileen and Rigby share a high five The announcer gave the answer, and a couple people cheered while others groaned.

Rigby just stood back. She picked up her own menu and read the words so hard she thought she might burn through the page.

While Rigby wasn't used to being this close to someone, let alone a girl, it felt kinda natural to him.

Another minute had elapsed: In several episodes after that, it's stated that Rigby and Eileen double date with Mordecai and Margaret. Then the episode ends with Rigby carrying Eileen out of the cave and agreeing to let her carry him out the next time as Mrs.

She still wasn't sure what to make of his timekeeping — she thought she knew him well enough to know that nothing short of the potential end of the world could keep him at work after sundown — but suddenly she felt that they were near enough on level terms.

The next one was Expiration dating epub the category 'The N Crowd'.

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He made non-speaking cameos in later episodes. She was a girl, weren't girls supposed to not like video games.

Double Date Night: A RigbyxEileen Story, a regular show fanfic | FanFiction

Before their official debut, an unrelated group of baby ducks are some of the things sent to the moon by Rigby in the episode "The Power".

It was Margaret's idea, since several of her boyfriends have invited her here. Eileen blushed a little, and smiled. Maellard is very impatient towards Benson similar to Benson's impatience towards Mordecai and Rigby and Maellard blames Mordecai and Rigby's shenanigans on Benson as he expects Benson to take responsibility for Mordecai and Rigby as park manager.


He has been best friends with Rigby ever since childhood, and together they are very lazy and constantly slack off at their jobs there. The two would get along well, and were always seen together whenever Eileen was present. In the episode "Muscle Woman", she developed a crush on Mordecai and had previously dated two other people as indicated by a tattoo on her lower back.