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A customer writes, "They can clean and repair my mother in law's old Smith Corona Sterling from the late s. Typewriter collector and restorer with many years of experience; also works on calculators. Undertaking repair works of all model typewriters. He has got a lot of parts, all deriving from friends who are unfortunately dead already.

And the price was extremely reasonable! Read a story here. He has a small collection of antique typewriters, and repairs all types of machines. He can fix any type of typewriter, manual or electric.

We have been in business since and it is a family typewriter business.

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He sells and repairs equpment and is knowledgeable about his inventory. Servicing manual typewriters since Jim runs "Oliverservices," with many parts for Olivers as well as several products to service them: He also has an interesting collection of fully restored and functional classic typewriters on sale.

Price for a typewriter ribbon: Fax 64 About 25 miles north of San Francisco. A visitor writes, "In business for more than 80 Alvarez 5022 dating, Tokyo Typewriter Shop still refurbishes typewriters and rents out or sells second-hand machines.

There has been a resurgence of interest Uk online dating free antique and vintage manual typewriters. SuiteTucker, GA Toronto TypewritersToronto.

Read a story about owner John Tavares.

See photos of the shop here. They have a lot of spare parts for manual typewriters, both new and second hand, as well as a good selection of typewriter ribbons. Schulze has many years of experience and has restored typewriters of famous writers for collector Steve Soboroff.

My Royal is now at my desk at work and it's awesome! We carry every typewriter ribbon manufactured. In it she reported, 'Sanders' business is booming. Johanns-Vorstadt 49, Basel, Telefon 75 Phonefax See an interview with Mr. A customer writes, "I have personal experience with this one, he does a great job; cleaned up and repaired my typewriter with a new ribbon for a flat fee of 50 bucks.

Equipment can be brought over to the shop for a free estimate, but also do on-site service calls and response time is 4 working hours. Although we now specialize in laptops, desktop pc's and laser printer repair, we still do many portable and electric typewriter repairs from all manufacturers.

Read a story that features this shop. Repairing typewriters since We already have some manuals, the oldest from the 's and we will do our best to get whatever you need. Contact Terry Cooksley on A satisfied customer writes, "They did a great job repairing the draw cord on my Hammond Folding, so they are a good source for repair and maybe even parts.

See a computer translation into English here.

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It works like the year old dream machine that is.