Who is Alexa Chung dating? Alexa Chung boyfriend, husband Who is Alexa Chung dating? Alexa Chung boyfriend, husband

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Chung is currently single, she says proudly, and feels much calmer for it.

So, I say, shall we talk about heartbreak? For how long, I ask.

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Page Six had reported that Alexander and Toni went on a blind date, accompanied by two of her girlfriends. They still have respect for each other.

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I feel like I need more time to figure out what happened, but I'm a bit of a Homing pigeon. Who caused the heartbreak?

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Personal life[ edit ] Chung lived with fashion photographer David Titlowtwenty years her senior, for three and a half years from to Bag settled, Chung heads over to the clothing rail to look at her dress for the evening: Like, how do I work my fucking TV?

Since I was 15 [when she started modelling], people were telling me, 'You're the girl next door, you look like this, you should have your hair like that.

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The live show featured interviews with television and film stars as well as segments devoted to fashion on the red carpet. Chung was born and raised in Hampshire, the pony-loving youngest of six.

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Chung has said in the past that modelling gave her "low self-esteem" and required her "to strip in front of creepy men", so it seems a little ironic that, if she used her success as a model to get out of the profession and into TV, her success on TV has returned her to modelling.

And according to the hundreds of blogs dedicated to photographing her every outfit, and the countless women who try to copy her style, she is the fashion icon of this generation.

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Of course, on Chung it looks marvellous, but a woman who chooses to wear a bin bag is not trying to impress the boys. But she also looks wholly at home, groping Lowe's bosom for the camera and giving Grimshaw a kiss.

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In Juneshe was made a contributing editor of British Vogue. And it's still not what Chung wants, she says. For our shoot, she has chosen her favourite outfits from the autumn high street, but the one piece she decides to take home "I always do my shopping on fashion shoots!

It's a marker of time that means something.