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We no longer have to choose between powerful security and privacy benefits of forward secret end-to-end encryption.

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A member's friends will come to E-Friends and invite their friends. Once members are registered with E-Friends, they will be able invite people they know to join their personal or professional network.

Connect and have an endless chat with stylish emoticons.

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E-Friends makes it easier for your members to communicate with the people they know, as well as friends of friends that they have not meet before. The E-Friends software allows members to connect to people in their personal networks and community, creating a new online interactive resource that is based on a trusted network of friends and associates on the internet.

In addition, we have added several new exciting features including blogs, forums, text-based chat, events and many more! Members can communicate with their Groups via group message boards and they can also schedule events to inform everyone in their Group of an upcoming event.

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Starting a Facebook clone has never been so simple with E-friends social networking script. Enhancements are also added to the admin backend and with our integrated banner ads system, you can earn extra income by publishing paid banner ads on your E-Friends social networking site.

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Our Security options will protect your App from unwanted attacks. Howzu users may like or dislike another user upto n number of times without any limitations. Secured data protects chats with a peer to peer connection also the profile informations were protected highly in V3.

Indirect message such as unfriend option are required to send a simple yet clear warning to annoying dates.


Instant chat with images Share pictures with mutual interests. Unlimited Likes Swipe right to likeleft to unlike. Emojis enhance any user experience.

What can members do on E-Friends? Auto spell update helps save your time to communicate with your date effectively. Users of howzu may set the age limit and gender which in return helps to show results by filtering your search according to limit.

Good luck insulting and shame them on app. With the E-Friends, you can search for events in your area or even organize events for your friends to join. Filter page allows you to quick search for the nearest location. As it was getting updated on both server and client ends. These Groups can be focused on any subject, affiliation, or activity.


A fun and easy-to-use virtual keyboard ideal for all age groups. Book clubs, soccer teams, and alumni groups can form their own Groups, as well as family members, hobbyists, or professionals.

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Discover common interests with your matches. As the network grows, members will have more opportunities to interact easily with people they know, make friends, and use the E-Friends network to enrich their social life.

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Members can also sell old or unused goods to their friends who will cherish them instead of selling it to someone they don't know. Members can use this abundant network to make friends, find their love ones, locate jobs, buy and sell stuff, locate a roommate, and accomplish much more with the help of groups and individuals who they know and share the same interests.

Users may like or dislike a profile to increase the opportunities of discovering perfect matches.