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A value of zero implies that no data has been published by UNESCO Year — during which the site was inscribed to the World Heritage List Description — brief information about the site, including reasons for qualifying as an endangered site, if applicable. However, there are around a dozen archaeological sites in the country that are believed to be potential future candidates for World Heritage status.


It planned to protect the Accra dating sites by hiring personnel for state parties to maintain national inventories of existing sites, as well as to "prepare nomination dossiers for inscription onto the World Heritage List.

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In Africa, there are 85 cultural, 45 natural, and 5 mixed sites. Vendors might become verbally rough! Four sites are shared between two countries: Eleven countries have only a single site each. Rather use a secret mini camera, and have fun!

There are about 60 different ethnic languages. Ghana Dating, Gold, Romance Scam! Never Been To Ghana? There are also some state Accra dating sites Metro busses modern and low costaround Accra.

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Also keep in mind, that the majority of the taxi-cars can not be compared to western road safety and quality standards. In the case of multinational or multi-regional sites, the names are sorted alphabetically. The Democratic Republic of Congo and Libya both have 5 sites on the danger list, the second highest of any country in the world and two of the three countries to have more than three sites inscribed.

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Swimming there will not bring much pleasure, as the sea carries lots of blag plastic bags and other rubbish! Last, but not least: Site — named after the World Heritage Committee's official designation [1] Location — sorted by country, followed by the region at the regional or provincial level.

Criteria — as defined by the World Heritage Committee [5] Area — in hectares and acresexcluding any buffer zones. We educate sinceas first African website, about Internet Scam!

There are nine government-sponsored languages: The most dominant native language is Twi, shared by both the Asante and the Akan. The best beaches in Ghana are in the Western region and some in the Central region of Ghana.

The same applies to Labadi "La Pleasure" Beach! Very recommended for safety: