AC Motors, Controllers, and Variable Frequency Drives AC Motors, Controllers, and Variable Frequency Drives

Ac motor hook up. Centroid cnc controller technology for ac and dc servo motor based machine tools

The other could have gotten sent to me, but maybe I missed the notification on my gmail about it. I hope this one goes through Email me at pandspowerelectronics gmail. Your accomplishment here is hard to exaggerate.

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I believe some others call it a vector control. Kudos my freind More Comments. Do we have the bom, the gerbers files? However, you need to derate them down to maybe vDC, and maybe or amp each.

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For AC power, you compute it differently. It's nice when someone appreciates all the stuff I'm the most proud of!

High power lo-cost gate drivers, "laminated" bus bar, Induction motor Field Oriented control, this is just amazing! I am a mechanical engineer, and very uncomfortable with software and programming.

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You call it a field control. GabrielC 18 days ago Reply Thid is a pretty nice post. Looking to see if anybody else has a cheaper repetitive solution in order for me to push those classic cars into the future while still being affordable.

I do have an asset, I own an EMS shop, so building this card and assembly should not be a problem. MPaulHolmes 3 years ago Reply This comment really made me smile.


I am still in Europe at the moment but this will change. MangeshL 9 months ago Can anyone share link of circuit diagram rond85 1 year ago Reply can you put out the specs on this amazing controller? On the drive control.