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Though I am not particularly prudish, I have been working under the assumption that even with the best birth control, scientifically speaking, a baby is a possible by-product of sex.

Do you want to… you know? But to find love or sexyou have to make yourself vulnerable and take a chance, because the other person will be taking a chance on you. Which is a good thing — stopping yourself from sleeping with a jerk.

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But, you are at a good place in life, actively dating, and are now okay with the idea of meeting a decent man and possibly having a baby. His Take questions are answered by our panel of smart, opinionated, and funny dudes.

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I am going to be fine. Especially in that moment. But if you want to nail down your entire future life plan as a pre-condition of getting some, even the most honorable guy might not make that deal.


Fear of pregnancy is really not a convincing reason not to have sex. Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog. Your sexual past is really none of his business in this situation. You seem to want your life absolutely sorted out before you act, never risking an unwanted outcome.

If, OMG, you did get pregnant, well, people like your mom occasionally survive this and raise some awesome kids. Then order some Chinese food.

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Well, except, you know, for that one thing. A simple google search on this topic does not yield any results that fit my situation. It was great advice, tailored for a young woman who was Lately, I have been going out on an insane number of dates and really enjoying myself.

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Ah, yeah, sure… I just want you to know something beforehand. I understand all too well the struggles that single mothers and their children face. If you do feel compelled to discuss your experience and feelings on your first time, go to your girlfriends.

This statement, in particular, raised a tiny little red flag in my mind: How do you suggest maneuvering this topic now that I feel ready to have sex?

Although I am not religious and am very liberal, I am politically pro-choice but personally pro-life.

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You can read about me hereperuse the archives here and read popular posts here. New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. Birth control works pretty well. My mother raised my sister and me as a single woman with a lot of love but not much financial stability.

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Use two kinds if you like. Do you think that is true? You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Get some condoms and go for it already.

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