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Duct tape will allow you to fix any tears or holes in your tent quickly. To find the best tent for you, you must first consider the number of people in your party.

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There will be an adjuster on the cords so you can tighten and loosen the lines, as they get wet or dry they may shrink or slacken so you should check regularly.

Duct Tape A great addition to your camping gear. Peg Puller The peg puller is a simple tool which allows you to easily pull out tent pegs from tough ground. Zips Double zips are useful and allow you to open the door from the top or the bottom.

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Air Vents Breathing, wet clothing and general humidity can all cause condensation to form inside your tent try not to touch the tent fabric as this can also let water on the outside come through.

For more information on tents check out our other guides: If there are two adults sharing a tent, space will be limited in a two man tent.

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The guy lines should follow the seams of the tent and not overlap. In basic terms there are two types of poles, bendy and rigid.

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A separate groundsheet is also useful to lie in the living area of larger tents or between a group of smaller tents to make a communal living space. A 3 or 4 man tent will allow you plenty of space to sleep comfortably and store your gear.

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You may also choose to lay a separate groundsheet under your tent to protect the bottom from dirt and tears. Doors and windows also offer ventilation, so it is best to keep these open when possible. If pitching in soft mud you may wish to buy T-shaped heavy duty plastic pegs which will not twist around.

V or X shaped pegs are recommended for sandy ground. Operated by remote control, a light is attached to your tent which will light up when activated by the remote. Bendy poles are generally made from fibreglass or aluminium and are linked with elastic cord.

Tent Poles The poles are essentially the skeleton of the tent and provide structural support. Always check what the terrain will be like prior to camping to ensure you have the correct tent pegs. These can be purchased individually. They are flexible and lightweight.

Guy Ropes Guy ropes are cords attached to the outer tent or flysheet which are pulled away from the tent and pegged in the ground to stabilise the tent.

If you will be walking to the campsite a bigger tent will also be heavier to carry! Inner Tent The inner is the main living and sleeping area of the tent. Tent Pegs Tent pegs can be made from plastic, metal or wood.

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As a rule if you plan on keeping kit in your tent too, choose a tent that is one person bigger. Air vents are designed to help reduce condensation by letting vapour in the air escape. Remember though, the bigger the tent the harder it will be to put up and the more space it will take up in the car.

The flysheet is suspended over the inner tent but should not touch it, as this will cause condensation and rain to penetrate through to the interior. Look for doors and windows with mesh insect nets to keep out midges even when open.

This will make it easier to find your tent in crowded campsites and at night.