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A day or two later, the email arrived.

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Lexi Price 1 Contribution Should 10 year olds date? Sadly, though, none of the boys I liked ever liked me back.

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Yahoo is now part of the Oath family. The kids were too young for these kind of experiences. Best at this stage, she said, to just be each others' friends.

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Because people who are NOT your parents don't get to tell you if you're to young or not. People steal information from Facebook and other stuff.

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Momwithteen singersglen I had been tutoring a nearly 14 year old girl with special needs--her mother hired me to do so. Watch videos and create your own virtual avatar.

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Send in celebrity advice to Maude Garrett and she will answer all your questions! If they know that you should save sex for marrige and they have shown maturity in other levels then I think that it's just fine.

Both ages are far too young for dating and the age difference is too much.

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Thats just my opinion. Under the laws of the United States and several state laws, sites may not collect personal information from minors, especially under the age of About a week into their romance - which consisted of Skype messages and games at recess - the entire Year 5 were summoned in for a Talk.